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Paul Henry Nargeolet Net Worth

Paul Henry Nargeolet net worth 
Paul Henry Nargeolet Image
Celebrity Name:Paul Nargeolet
Real Name:Paul Henry Nargeolet
Age:77 years old
Date Of Birth:2 March, 1946
Birth Place:Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, Haute-Savoie, France
Marital Status:Married
Profession:Deep Sea explorer
Net Worth in 2024:$1.5 billion

Paul Henry Nargeolet Net Worth

Paul-Henry Nargeolet is a renowned French deep-sea diver and underwater archaeologist. He has dedicated his life to exploring the depths of the oceans and uncovering hidden treasures. He is known as “Mr. Titanic”, Nargeolet was one of five people who died aboard the submersible Titan when it imploded underwater on 18 June 2023 near the wreck of the Titanic.

Paul Henry Nargeolet net worth was $1.5 Billion. 

Early Life

Paul-Henry Nargeolet was born in France, on 2 March 1946. He developed a fascination with the underwater world from a young age. His passion for exploration led him to pursue a career in diving and underwater archaeology.


From 1964 to 1986, Nargeolet started working in the French Navy, where he served as an officer specializing in mine clearance, diving, and deep underwater intervention.  In the 1970s, he was appointed Commander of the Groupement de Plongeurs Démineurs de Cherbourg, whose mission was to find and neutralize underground mines. In 1986, the French Research Institute for the Exploitation of the Sea (IFREMER) contacted Nargeolet about diving into the wreck of the Titanic. Nargeolet piloted dives to the Titanic wreck site in 1987, 1993, 1994, and 1996. 

Nargeolet’s career is marked by his involvement in several high-profile underwater expeditions. He gained international recognition for his role in the discovery and exploration of the RMS Titanic wreckage in 1987. As the leader of numerous missions, Nargeolet has explored various other shipwrecks and underwater sites, including the Bismarck, the Britannic, and the USS Monitor. His expertise in deep-sea diving and his meticulous approach to documenting and preserving historical artifacts have made him an invaluable asset to the field of underwater archaeology.

In 1994, Nargeolet was director of Michigan State University’s Center for Maritime & Underwater Resource Management.

From 1996 to 2003, Nargeolet worked with Aqua+, a subsidiary of Canal+, whose objective is to produce underwater films.

He also participated as a creator of two documentaries: Titanic: The Legend Lives On (1994) and Deep Inside the Titanic (1999). In 2022, he published Dans les profondeurs du Titanic ( In the Depths of the Titanic).

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Personal Life

Paul Henry Nargeolet married American television reporter, Michele Marsh. He has dedicated most of his time to his career and the exploration of underwater sites around the world.

At the time of his death, Nargeolet lived in Pawling in New York state, United States. 

Awards and Achievements

Nargeolet’s contributions to the field of underwater archaeology have earned him numerous accolades and recognition. His work on the Titanic expedition received widespread acclaim, and he has been honored for his expertise in deep-sea diving and underwater exploration.


Paul Henry Nargeolet net worth is $1.5 billion. As a leader in the field of underwater archaeology, he likely commands substantial fees for his services, and his involvement in projects, consulting work, and public speaking engagements may also generate income.

Paul-Henry Nargeolet’s remarkable career as a deep-sea diver and underwater archaeologist has solidified his reputation as one of the most respected figures in the field.

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