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Dave Fishwick Net Worth

Dave Fishwick net worth
Dave Fishwick Image
Celebrity Name:Dave Fishwick
Real Name:Dave Fishwick
Age: 54 years old
Date Of Birth:6 March, 1971
Birth Place:Burnley, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Marital Status:Married
Net Worth in 2024:$16 million

Dave Fishwick Net Worth 

Dave Fishwick is a self-made entrepreneur, Television personality, author, and financial maverick, who has become a notable figure in the business world, particularly in banking and finance. 

Dave Fishwick net worth is $16 million. He made millions by founding his own minibus sales company. He is the UK’s biggest supplier of new and used minibusses, mini-coaches and wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

Early Life

David Fishwick was born on March 9, 1971, in Burnley, Lancashire, United Kingdom. Raised in a working-class family, he experienced firsthand the challenges of financial instability. This early exposure to economic difficulties fueled Fishwick’s determination to make a positive impact on people’s financial lives. He dropped out of school with no qualifications. He is one of the biggest minibus suppliers in the United Kingdom. 


After the financial crisis of 2008-2009, he felt that banks were not lending enough money to small businesses. In 2011, he set up a private lending company Burnley Savings And Loans (BSAL). He stated that his bank is better than many high street banks in the country. 

Fishwick’s foray into the financial sector began with humble roots. Starting as a minibus dealer, he gradually transitioned into the lending world. Notably, Fishwick gained widespread recognition for his role in the documentary “Bank of Dave,” where he attempted to establish his bank, challenging the traditional banking system. His unconventional methods and dedication to helping small businesses and individuals garnered both praise and scrutiny.

He was a presenter at Your Money And Your Life and How To Get Rich Quick. He authored Bank of Dave: How I Took On The Banks. 

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Personal Life

Dave has been married to his biochemist wife Nicola. The couple has two children Sarah and Connor. 

Award and Achievements

Dave Fishwick’s impact on the financial sector earned him accolades and recognition. While not driven by conventional awards, his efforts in challenging the established banking norms were acknowledged by local communities and individuals who benefited from his unconventional banking approach.


Dave Fishwick net worth is $16 million. His initial success as a minibus dealer laid the foundation for his ventures in lending and eventually attempting to establish a community bank. The documentary, “Bank of Dave,” showcased his financial endeavors and added to his public profile, potentially opening doors to further opportunities.

Fishwick’s earnings can be attributed to his businesses, documentary ventures, and potential investments. His commitment to creating financial solutions for the underserved and his ability to navigate the financial landscape has likely contributed significantly to his financial success.

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