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Aryna Sabalenka Net Worth

Aryna Sabalenka net worth
Aryna Sabalenka Image
Celebrity Name:Aryna Sabalenka
Real Name:Aryna Siarhiejeŭna Sabalenka
Age:25 years old
Date Of Birth:5 May, 1998
Birth Place:Minsk, Belarus
Marital Status:Single
Profession:Professional Tennis Player
Net Worth in 2024:$20 million

Aryna Sabalenka Net Worth

Aryna Sabalenka is a professional tennis player. She is a former world no.1 in both singles and doubles by the Women’s Tennis Association. 

Aryna Sabalenka net worth is $20 million. She has won 20 career titles in total, 14 in singles and six in doubles. 

Early Life

She was born on May 5, 1998, in Minsk, Belarus, Aryna Sabalenka’s journey into tennis began at a young age. His father Sergey was an ice hockey player, Introduced to the sport by her father, she quickly displayed an exceptional aptitude for tennis. Sabalenka’s early years were marked by rigorous training and a relentless commitment to honing her skills, setting the foundation for her future success. She attended Belarusian State University. 


Aryna Sabalenka’s professional tennis career took off as she transitioned from the junior circuit to the WTA Tour. Known for her powerful and aggressive playing style, she made a significant breakthrough in 2018, winning her first WTA title at the Connecticut Open. Sabalenka’s ascent continued with notable victories and consistent performances, making her a formidable presence in women’s tennis.

Sabalenka is a baseliner with a powerful aggressive style. She is a strong server. Sabalenka has worked with coaches like Khalil Ibrahimov, Magnus Norman, Dmitry Tursunov, Magnus Tideman, Dieter Kindlmann, and Anton Dubrov.

She appeared in the tennis documentary on Netflix, Break Point. 

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Personal Life

Sabalenka has a tiger tattoo on her left arm, this earned her the nickname “The Tiger”, which she has used to refer to herself. 

Awards and Achievements

Aryna Sabalenka’s trophy cabinet is adorned with numerous accolades, reflecting her prowess on the tennis court. Notable achievements include multiple WTA titles, both in singles and doubles and reaching the semifinals of Grand Slam events. Her relentless work ethic and competitive spirit have solidified her status as one of the top players in the world.


Aryna Sabalenka net worth is $20 million. Her net worth is closely tied to her success in professional tennis. Prize money from tournaments, endorsements, and sponsorships contribute to her overall earnings. 

Since the beginning of her professional career, she has been endorsed by Nike for shoes and apparel. 

As a top-ranked player, her participation in prestigious events like Grand Slams and WTA Tour Finals ensures significant financial rewards. Endorsement deals with major brands further enhance her financial portfolio.

Additionally, Sabalenka’s involvement in doubles competitions, where she has also tasted success, adds to her earnings. Her consistent presence in the upper echelons of the tennis world ensures a steady stream of income, both on and off the court.

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