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David Allan Coe Net Worth

David Allan Coe net worth
David Allan Coe Image
Celebrity Name:David Allan
Real Name:David Allan Coe
Age:84 years old
Date Of Birth:6 September, 1939
Birth Place:Akron, Ohio, United States
Marital Status:Married
Profession:Singer, song-writer, musician
Net Worth in 2023:$1.5 million

David Allan Coe Net Worth

David Allan Coe is an American singer and songwriter. 

David Allan net worth is $1.5 million. He became famous in the 1970s. He is best known for Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile, You Never Even Called Me by My Name, and The Ride. He is also known for composing Would You Lay With Me, and Take This Job and Shove It. 

Early Life

David Allan Coe was born on September 6, 1939, in Akron, Ohio. His father Tyler Mahan Coe was the creator of the Cocaine & Rhinestones podcast. At the age of nine, he was sent to Starr Commonwealth For Boys reform school. He was raised in orphanages and correctional facilities, Coe found solace in music, particularly the sounds of country, rockabilly, and blues. His troubled youth laid the groundwork for the gritty and rebellious style that would define his later career. 


David Allan Coe’s musical journey began in the 1960s when he started performing in various honky-tonks and bars. Despite facing numerous challenges, including stints in prison, Coe’s raw talent and unapologetic approach to songwriting caught the attention of the country music scene. His debut album, Penitentiary Blues released in 1970, later he released several albums including, The Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy (1974), Requiem for a Harlequin (1970), Once Upon a Rhyme (1975), Longhaired Redneck (1976), Texas Moon (1977), Rides Again (1977), Tattoo (1977), Human Emotions (1977), Family Album (1977), Buckstone County Prison (1978), Nothing Sacred(1978), Spectrum VII (1979), Compass Point (1979).

In the 80s he released I’ve Got Something to Say, Invictus (Means) Unconquered, Tennessee Whiskey, Rough Rider, D.A.C., Underground Album, Castles in the Sand, Hello in There, Just Divorced, Darlin’, Darlin, Unchained, Son of the South, A Matter of Life… and Death.

In the 90s he released Standing Too Close To The Flame, Granny’s Off Her Rocker, Lonesome Fugitive, The Perfect Country and Western Song, Truckin’ Outlaw, 20 Road Music Hits, Living on the Edge, The Ghost of Hank Williams, Johnny Cash is a Friend of Mine, Recommended for Airplay.

In the 2000s he released Long Haired Country Boy… And Other Such Songs, Country & Western, Sings Merle Haggard. 

Coe’s success soared in the 1970s with a string of hit albums, including “The Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy” and “Once Upon a Rhyme.” He became known for his outlaw image, both in his music and personal life, and his distinctive blend of country, rock, and blues resonated with audiences seeking an alternative to mainstream country.

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Personal Life

In 2010, David married Kimberly Hastings. 

Award and Achievements

While David Allan Coe may not have amassed mainstream award recognition, his influence on outlaw country music is immeasurable. His impact extends beyond chart positions, as he is revered for his genuine storytelling, gritty vocals, and the ability to capture the essence of life’s struggles in his songs.


David Allan Coe’s net worth is $1.5 million. His net worth is a culmination of decades of touring, album sales, and the enduring popularity of his catalog. Despite being an outlaw figure, his success in the music industry has translated into financial stability. Coe’s ability to connect with audiences, both through his recordings and live performances, has contributed to his long-term financial success.

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