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Carl Icahn Net Worth

Carl Icahn net worth
Carl Icahn Image
Celebrity Name:Carl Icahn
Real Name:Carl Celian Icahn
Age:87 years old
Date Of Birth:16 February 1936
Birth Place:Queens, New York, United States
Marital Status:Married
Profession:American Businessman,investor
Net Worth in 2024:$87 Billion

Carl Icahn Net Worth

Carl Icahn is an American investor and businessman. Carl is best known as the controlling shareholder and the founder of Icahn Enterprises. Icahn Enterprises is an American conglomerate company that has investments in various industries such as metal, real estate, food packaging, home fashion, energy, and automotive. Carl owns 88% of the company.

Carl Icahn net worth is $87 billion. Carl takes a large stake in the company and then pressures to make corporate policy changes that will benefit shareholders. 

Early Life

Carl Icahn was born on 16 February 1936, to Michael and Bella, in Brooklyn, New York City. His father Michael was a teacher and Cantor and his mother was a school teacher. He attended Far Rockaway High School. In 1957, he graduated from Princeton University with an A.B. in philosophy, he then entered the New York University School of Medicine but he dropped out after two years to join the military reserve force. 


In 1961, he became a stockbroker for Dreyfus Corporation. Two years later, he worked for Tessel and Patrick &Co. as an option manager. In 1968, he purchased a seat on the New York Stock Exchange with his savings and some investment from his uncle and formed Icahn & Co. The company focuses on options trading and risk arbitrage. In 1978, he bought a stake in an appliances company Tappan, and forced its sale to Electrolux, making $2.7 million in profit. In the late 70s, he acquired Bayswater Realty, Capital Corporation, and ACF Industries, and in 1985, sold his shares to Phillips Petroleum, making $50 million in profit. In 1988, he bought Trans World Airlines in a leveraged buyout. Then he sold the company’s assets to repay his debt. Later he sold the company’s London routes to American Airlines made a $469 million profit and left TWA with $540 million in debt. Later he formed to sell TWA tickets. 

In 1986, he bought an 89% stake in US steel, and in 1991, sold his stake for $1 billion and made $200 million in profit. 

In 1989, he sold his stake in Texaco for $2 million and made $700 million in profit, it is the largest share sale to date on the New York Stock Exchange. In 1997, he took control of Marvel Comics and sold a 7.3% interest in RJR Nabisco for a $125 million profit. In 2004, he raised $3 billion to form his hedge fund Icahn Partners. He also took stakes in Blockbuster Video and Time Warner. 

He bought stakes in several companies including Motricity, Yahoo!, Biogen, Lawson Software, Netflix, Hologic, Nuance Communications, Lyft, Telik, Take-Two Interactive, BEA System, and Lear Corporation. In 2007, he sold his stake in several casinos including Aquarius Casino Resort, Arizona Charlie’s Boulder, Arizona Charlie’s Decatur, and Stratosphere Las Vegas. In 2008, he launched a blog The Icahn Report. 

Carl has done some philanthropic work, he built the Carl C Icahn Center, Icahn Stadium, and the Icahn Scholar Program.

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Personal Life

In 1979, Carl married Liba Trejbal. Liba was a Czech ballerina. The couple had two children Michelle and Brett. The couple divorced in 1999. 

In 1999, Carl married Gail Golden. Gail was his longtime assistant and a former broker. Gail had two children from her previous marriage. 

He was a big fan of thoroughbred horse racing. 

Awards and Achievements

In 1984, he won the Golden Plate Award from the American Academy of Achievement. 

In 2001, he won Man of the Year of the Guardian Angel. 

In 1990, he won the Starlight Foundation – Founders Award & Man of the Year Award.

In 2004, he was honored by the Center for Educational Innovation. 


He is one of the most successful investors on Wall Street. His investment strategies are different and used by many hedge fund managers. He is an inspiration to many investors and fund managers. He is one of the richest businessmen in the world. Carl Icahn net worth is $87 billion. He is one of the top 0.001% of people in the world due to his wealth. 

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